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There's no place like (your New) Home.



First we will meet during a pre arranged time to discuss your specific needs. Your moving time line, are you downsizing or moving on up to something bigger. Relocating to a new City or Country, or are you ready for the ease of Retirement living.


During our next Consultation we will get down to the detail of your move. We will create a detailed accounting of your furniture and belongings.  Develop a plan to manage what we determine to be excess or items you do not want to move. Whether it's a donation to charity, gift to a Family member, or simply have it picked up and hauled away.  We'll plan your move in/out date.  If you have a Mover, great, if not we can help find you a reputable Mover.  I always recommend a site visit to the new Home, to develop a floor plan for your furniture and belongings in the new space. Decide on if you need help packing, or if you will manage on your own. Than we set the start packing date.

Taking Notes
Counting Boxes


It's the Big Day and your all set.  We can be on site the day of your Move to make sure all runs smoothly.  We will supervise your pack up, and if needed, be at the other end to supervise the unloading of all of your belongings. We can also be available to help set up your new Home. From furniture placement to making sure your Cupboards get set up the way you want them.  We can also arrange to remove all of your packing materials if you decide that's something you would rather leave to us.

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